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American Chestnut

Plant Leaf

Full Plant

Plant Berry/Flower

Latin Name: Castanea dentata

Flower Description:

Male and female flowers appear on the same branch. Male flowers are greenish-white and appear on 6-8 inch catkins. Female flowers are much smaller and appear at the base of the catkin. The trees are self incompatible thus requires two trees from the walnut Castanea species to produce fruit.

Season BloomJune-July
HabitatThe American Chestnut was almost extinct from Chestnut blight which arrived in New York in 1902. Blight resistant Chestnuts are now being grown from shoots of affected trees and a cultivar of American and Chinese Chestnut species raised to be blight resistant. American Chestnut is a larva host for 125 species of butterflies and moths.
Leaf DescriptionLeaves are 5 1/3 to 8 inches long and 3-4 inches wide, canoe-shaped with a prominent tip. Margins are coarse with hooked teeth at the edge. The leaf is matte, rather than shiny. Twigs are hairless.
Soil Type Wet
Light Source Partial Shade, Sun