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Plant Leaf

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Plant Berry/Flower

Latin Name: Tilia americana

Flower Description:

Flowers are small, fragrant and yellowish-white appearing in drooping clusters of 6-20 blossoms. They are perfect, regular, with five septals and petals. While leaves emerge in mid-spring, the flowers require 14.5 hours of sunlight to form. The flowers are fragrant and insect pollinated. The nutlet is small, downey, hard, and cream colored .5 to 1 ” in diameter.

Season BloomLate Spring
HabitatTypically found in a sugar maple-basswood forest it is our northern most hardwood. Flowers offer nectar for insects and seeds for small mammals Bees love it. Leaves are also a larval host of butterflies, especially the Ribbed Cocoon Maker.
Leaf DescriptionLeaves are simple, ovate and alternately arranged, asymmetrical with the widest area at the base. Typically 4-6 " long, can be up to 10" long with a coarsely serrated margin. Dark green, smooth and shiny above when in full leaf, paler beneath with tuffs of hairs on the primary veins. Yellow fall color.
Soil Type All Types
Light Source All Types