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Blue Beech

Plant Leaf

Full Plant

Plant Berry/Flower

Latin Name: Carpinus carliniama

Flower Description:

As a Birch, Blue Beech has both male and female catkins on each tree. Male catkins are yellow-green, have no stalk, and grows 3/4- 2″ long. Female catkins are shorter at 1/3- 1 1/4 inches long.

Season BloomSpring
HabitatBlue Beech is also called Musclewood as its trunk develops a lumpy muscular appearance. It grows as an understory tree in moist rich soils and can tolerate periodic flooding. Also called Hornbeam for its toughness. Larval host for several butterflies including two Swallowtails, Striped hairstreak and Red spotted purple.
Leaf DescriptionLeaves are simple, alternate, egg-shaped 2 1/2 -5 inches long. They are 1-2 inches wide, have a pointed tip, base is slightly heart shaped. Edges are coarse and double toothed. In fall leaves turn from yellow to orange red.
Soil Type Wet
Light Source Partial Shade, Sun