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Plant Berry/Flower

Latin Name: Juglans cinerea

Flower Description:

Male flowers are inconspicuous yellow-green catkins. Female flowers are short terminal spikes in new shoots. Each female flower has a bright pink stigma. The fruit is a lemon-shaped nut formed in bunches of 2-6 together. The nut is oblong, ovoid and are 1.25-2.25″ long and .75-1.5″ wide. Nuts are surrounded by a green husk before maturing in mid fall.

Season BloomSpring
HabitatSlow growing and prefers cooler climate. It grows on stream banks in rich moist soil. They can typically found in mixed hardwood forests. It is a species that is of concerned in parts of it native region. Nuts have value to wildlife. Consider a Butternut as a shade tree.
Leaf DescriptionLeaves are alternate and pinnate, 16-28" long with 11-17 leaflets. There is a leaflet at the terminal end and will always have an odd number of leaflets. The leaves are downy and a brighter, yellow-green color. Leaves emerge once daylight reaches 14 hours per day and leaves drop when daylight drops to 11 hours per day.
Soil Type Wet
Light Source Sun