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Choke Cherry

Plant Leaf

Full Plant

Plant Berry/Flower

Latin Name: Prunus virginiana

Flower Description:

Dense clusters of white flowers, 4-6 inches long. Individual flowers are 1/4 in diameter with five white petals. They can form from May to July and the fruits follow a couple months later. Small ripe cherries are from dark red to black.

Season BloomLate Spring
HabitatChoke Cherry is a large suckering shrub or small understory tree. Often forms thickets. Choke Cherries can be made into preserves. Valuable wildlife food in July and August. Blossoms attract butterflies and is the larval host for the Columbia Silkmoth and the Small-eyed Sphinx.
Leaf DescriptionDark green and glossy above and paler underneath. They are alternate, simple, oval or broadly elliptical. One-4" long and .75-2 inches wide with toothed margins. The leaves turn yellow in fall.
Soil Type All Types
Light Source All Types