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Plant Berry/Flower

Latin Name: Larix laricina

Flower Description:

The tree produces both male and female flowers which appear along with the needles in spring. Male flowers are yellow-green and female flowers are red. Fertilized female flowers produce a small upright cone which remains on the branch for 2 growing seasons. The tiny seeds are wind dispersed once ripened from reddish-purple to brown.

Season BloomSpring
HabitatThe Tamarack or Larch is a deciduous pine tree. It is not an evergreen as we most often think of pines. It has a slender trunk with bright green, almost chartreuse, needles in spring, aging to medium green all summer, turning golden yellow in fall before dropping. Its branches are mostly horizontal. It is a larval host of the Columbia Silkmoth and is used by birds and butterflies.
Leaf DescriptionLeaves are pale to medium green needles that are soft and grow tightly clumped on side shoots. Needles form in groups of 15-20 and are short, about an inch long.
Soil Type Wet
Light Source Sun