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Evergreens are trees that have foliage year round. The term “evergreen” means that trees will keep growing leaves as other leaves fall off. Most people think of Pine and Christmas Trees when they think of the word Evergreen. These trees are best known for being able to endure cold weather, and dry seasons.

Balsam Fir

Small to medium-size evergreen tree. The narrow conic crown consists of dense, dark-green leaves.

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Eastern Hemlock or Canadian Hemlock

The crown is broadly conic, while the brownish bark is scaly and deeply fissured, especially with age. Leaves are evergreen needles, arranged in two rows, with an extra row of flattened needles on the top of stems. Needles are 1/2" long and flattened, medium green color.

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White Pine

Also known as Eastern or Northern white pine. The Native American Haudenosaunee denominated it the "Tree of Peace".

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White Spruce

Medium fast growing evergreen that has a light green or even bluish colored needles that are about 1" long. It has a strong evergreen smell when crushed and is one way to tell it from other spruce.

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Common Juniper

Fragrant foliage, may be a shrub or small tree. Typically found in dry, rocky, wooded hillsides or exposed slopes. Flowers are dioecious, with male and female on separate plants. Flowers are wind pollinated. Birds eat the fleshy cones and disperse seeds.

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Creeping Juniper

Male and female flowers on separate plants; inconspicuous

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Jack Pine

Short, stiff, olive-green needles grow in pairs from the rough, scaly twigs. Open-crowned trees with spreading branches and very short needles; sometimes a shrub. Variable-shaped cones remain closed until exposed to fire.

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American Arborvitae

Native Americans denominated it the "Tree of Life". Needles are soft and green, with spreading flat sprays of overlapping scales at the ends of short, ascending branches.

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