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Pennsylvania Sedge

Plant Leaf

Full Plant

Plant Berry/Flower

Latin Name: Carex pensylvanica

Flower Description:

Flowers bloom in late spring (May) in inflorescences atop rough, sharply triangular culms(stems) which rise up singly from rhizomes.

Season BloomMay
HabitatShade-loving perennial sedge, typically grows in loose colonies with a creeping habit. Roots are reddish brown. It is often found in areas with oak trees. It is semi-evergreen in moderately cold winter climates. Groundcover for dry shade. Underplanting for shade perennials. Lawn substitute for dry soils in shady areas (forms a turf that never needs mowing or mow 2-3 times per year to 2" tall.
Height6" - 1'
Leaf DescriptionLow sedge with soft, delicate, arching, semi-evergreen leaves 8-12" tall.
Soil Type All Types
Light Source Partial Shade, Sun
LocationRain Garden