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Plant Leaf

Full Plant

Campanula rotundifolia, Harebell

Plant Berry/Flower

Latin Name: Campanula rotndiflia

Flower Description:

Bell-shaped blue flowers, 3/4″ long, each formed from 5 fused petals nodding from a thin stem.

Season BloomSummer, fall
HabitatDunes, sandy meadows, sunny. Harebell looks very delicate with its thin stem and leaves, yet does best in harsh dune conditions. Too rich soil or too much moisture and this plant suffers. Will self seed. Can be found all around the globe at the 45th Parallel.
Leaf DescriptionThe Harebell has three types of leaves. Basal leaves are roundish and tend to dry up and disappear before the flowers appear. Lower leaves are lance shaped upper leaves are lanced shaped and thinner than the lower leaves.
Soil Type Dry
Light Source Sun