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Plant Berry/Flower

Latin Name: Ceonothus americanus

Flower Description:

Small white flowers occur in 2 in., branch-tip clusters. A low shrub with tiny white flowers in clusters rising from the leaf axils on the new shoots.

Season BloomMarch - April
HabitatLow, upright, deciduous shrub that grows to only 3' tall. The base is woody, while the upper portion of the plant is made up of herbaceous, spreading branches. Found in open, deciduous woods; woodland edges; oak savannas; mesic or dry prairies; roadsides. Butterflies use flowers. Turkeys and quail consume seeds. Larval Host to Spring Azure, Summer Azure and Mottled Duskywing.
Leaf DescriptionPubescent leaves give the entire plant a grayish cast.
Soil Type All Types
Light Source Shade, Partial Shade